Documentary wedding and event photography for brides that want to laugh, live and experience their wedding day to the fullest.

“I capture what I feel. For me, the power of sight is more important than artistic vision. Style becomes secondary and sometimes can even be constricting when what you’re after is the inherent beauty of the moment itself. Close your eyes and take a minute to remember your life’s first significant event. What you see are the images I try to capture. My tools help me craft these beautiful occasions in a creative way.”

BENJAMIN KOHEN began his photographic journey at the early age of 15 and has never looked back. His unique approach and diverse photographic background allow him to see beauty where most people miss the opportunity. Whether alone or as part of a team, Benjamin turns even photographic challenges into photographic opportunities and those opportunities into gems.

After his professional debut just a few short years ago, Benjamin has quickly climbed the ranks and attracts clientele with only the most discerning eye, demanding images that have truly become the spectacles through which one relives the moment as it happened, unaltered and pure in its truest form. His already established success in the high-end Jewish weddings circles along with his noteworthy talents awarded him the attention of world-famous photographers and well as an almost overnight success on social media network like Instagram and Facebook.


Benjamin Kohen’s last exclusive project has evolved beyond what anyone expected. Quickly outgrowing his position as Lead Photographer, Benjamin is now leading his own hand-picked, award-winning team of photographers cinematographers and graphic artists. His full-service studio allows him to take on assignments ranging from weddings, portraits, and commercial work. Benjamin Kohen and his team are available to travel worldwide.


After years of producing some of the most riveting and emotionally captivating images for the Jewish Orthodox couples all over the United States, Benjamin Kohen has been granted membership into one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned photographic organizations in the world. Exclusive membership is granted on the merit of photographic excellence in documentary and artistic wedding photojournalism as well as professional integrity in client services.

Since 2015, Benjamin’s work has been recognized four times by the INTERNATIONAL WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION AND THE ARTISTIC GUILD OF WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST. His work has also been highly sought after by clients in the United States and abroad looking to have their event captured in the most creative way.


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